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We will be ranked probably like #20 at best when they update. Granite we havent played anybody, but there are a lot of top tier teams that start out playing nobodys. We actually set records for the amounts of points we were winning by. Having Zeller who is now seriously considerd one of the best big men in division basketball, at least top 5, makes it more comfortable for them to rank us high. Obviously the main thing is we beat the best team in the country and dominated them on several differnt occasions. While Kentucky showed they are loaded with talent and can score whenever and as fast as they want as they came back and deflated the entire Hoosier nation. Oladipo showed raw talent to those who dont already know he is a ron artest-ess type player(in his defensive MVP) days, Zeller was Zeller, our senior leader Verdell3 struggled but played his role, Hulls shocked everyone and actually out preformed sellout blue chip PG Marquis Teague in the first half, and our most NBA ready player played with poise and hit some video game like deep 3's including the unconscious buzzer beater....As Hoosier fans we want respect so bad even more then hope of a Butler like team that might do something this year, but it's very possible we could make a splash. The true test is yet to come with the conference games starting. The BIG TEN as some serious talent this year, going .500 in conference play would be an accomplishment.



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I haven't had time to come up with an exact formula on to why it is bad but would you disagree? I don't know about you guys but Fantasy is about having fun, putting together juggernaut teams, and calculating how many points your guy is gonna end up with by tomorrow morning! With the new changes, I would say just about everybody has a problem with the scoring of the pitchers mostly. Sure, we have gotten over it now, but it just seems like CBS dosent care about us because we are playing the FREE version, we are meerly peasants. WE WANT IT BACK THE OLD WAY! When week 1 started and you got your first -17 from a pitcher you were scratching your head in disbelief! -17! What!! Did he allow 15 runs??
NO. Let me break down a -17 for you.

-A pitcher goes 6 innings, CBS has given you a bonus extra point this year (3) instead of (2) per INN. (5 inn)x(3)= 15
-Okay so you got 15 from that Smile ! Yippy!
-Now, he's playing the Phillies so he allwoed 12 hits...not that good, but nothing to get worried about. A hit takes away (-1) point. Okay nevermind, a little worried now. (12 hits)x(-1)= -12
-So now your 15 you got is down to 3.
-He walked 3 batters too (3 BB)x(-1)= -3
-Now we're at ground 0 for our total. So we made a mistake and put in Ted Lilly against the Phillies, 12 hits and 3 walks, we messed up! Hold your horses cowboy, we're just getting started! 10 hits and 3 walks...that means some runners crossed the plate.
- Let's say he managed well and only allowed 6 runs in on what could have been a disaster (6 Runs)x(-2)= -12
-Now we're at (-12) for our total.
- Okay, so that is a bad game! Final score 5-3, Phillies win. Your pitcher allowed all 5 of their runs in the first 6 innings. Not just giving you nothing for your pitcher, no that's not enough punishment! I mean 0 would hurt your team enough right? No, he gets a -12!!!
-Oh, hold on here, I made a mistake. Rememeber that whole Win-Lose stat they give to pitchers? Yeah, well they don't give you 10 anymore for a win and they take away 5 for a lose.
-So our -12 is now a -17 because he got the L.
-17 !!! Heck some good batters don't even get you 10 points in a week, and if you got a few more Loses from pitchers who allow a few runs your team is lucky to put up a buck fifty.
Overall, I think it is obviously ridiculous that a player can take away -17 from your team because a somewhat bad game and the scoring is to harsh on pitchers this year!

(In week 2 Chein-Ming Wang had a two starts, he allowed 8 runs in each game and came up with a lose in both. His total score for that week was -50 !!!!)

You might as well start no pitchers!!!

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